Propane Tank/Cylinder Leak Management and Control (LM&C)

Tank/Cylinder Leak Management and Control

COMING in 2020

The Propane tank leak management and control course consists of up to 8 hours of classroom instruction using on screen presentations, display props and hands on practical application and demonstrations of LM&C tools. Topics of discussion include: propane properties, container types, vehicle/tank orientation, plumbing/piping systems, assortment of tank attachment points, valving, weight issues, pressure management, transportation options, liquid volume and temperature control options, flow control devices, flaring, emergency controls, relief valve issues, hydrostatic ruptures, over-pressurization problems & solutions, pressure verification and more.
This course is designed to provide the student with the information needed to identify the problem and apply the tactics and systems necessary to control or manage the incident.


Tank/Cylinder Leak Management and Control Length Cost
   8 Hours $Call$