Emergency Response to Propane Incidents (Live Fire)

The “Emergency Response to Propane Incidents” course consists of 3 hours of classroom using on screen presentations, display props and product demonstrations. The classroom portion is designed to provide the information needed to respond to and make an initial determinations if the incident is manageable or not (i.e. remain on site or evacuation). Lecture topics include: product properties, container types, flow control devices, flaring, emergency controls, relief valve issues, hydrostatic ruptures, over-pressurization problems & solutions.
The second half of the course builds on the first providing hands on experience using proven tactics to gain access to control systems. The practical experiences learned holding back a million BTU’s cannot be learned in the classroom. Hand line management in and out, water streams, nozzle usage, attack and/or defensive postures, team operations, communicating in high noise environments are all required to make an attack on a high-pressure gas fire. The BTU’s created are unlike any structural materials can produce.
  Length Cost
Emergency Response to Propane Incidents (Live Fire)       6 hours     $2,500.00

Travel costs quoted based on course location.

NOTE: The FULL Course with our burn props is ONLY available within 100 miles of Shirley Indiana. We can provide the classroom and practicals further out using burn props that a available locally.

All students are required to sign a Student Waiver.