Propane Flaring Operations Course

The propane flaring operations course consists of up to 2 hours of classroom instruction using on screen presentations, display props and product demonstrations. Topics of discussion include: propane properties, when and what to flare, system capabilities vs flare flow capacities, connection/attachment points, flaring vapor vs liquid and the problems with both and more. The students will then receive up to 2 hours of practical application of flaring systems including connecting flaring systems to an assortment of tanks or cylinders, limitations caused by excess flow valves and product flaring demonstrations (live fire if available). This course is designed to provide the student with the information needed to respond to, connect and flare liquid and/or vapor safely.

The course is available for your department owned equipment or Responder Training can provide a flaring system for the course practical evolution.

      Length Cost
Flaring Operations  4 hours $ Call $
Course cost with the purchase of a flaring system   $ Discounted $

Travel costs quoted based on course location.