Propane Incident Equipment Refresher Course

Propane response – MC331 tactical operations

Time: 2-4 hours including practical operations.

What will this course provide?

This program provides the fire department an opportunity to get their tools off the truck and get real world practical refresher training with what they have.

The student will be given scenarios and be allowed to use the departments supplied equipment to mitigate the incident.

We will cover tactical and operationally achievable response options using your current response tools including.

  • Incident monitoring and evacuations,
  • Vapor management,
  • Management of heat sources, allowing a tank to cool on its own or manage how much it warms up.
  • The why, where, and how to correctly apply water.
  • Freeze patching and the challenges of making it work well.
  • Past incidents and to see what happened and what we can learn from them.
  • We’ll discuss the importance and options of identifying product levels.
  • How temperature and pressure information is applied.
  • How to manage a liquid or vapor leak.
  • What information they need to identify and provide to incoming resources (if requested).
  • When they could and when it’s not recommended to remain on scene.

Practical evolution using our custom props and equipment:

We provide the instructors, our MC331 bobtail and transport trainer, plus several different size small cylinders including a side mount motor fuel tank prop, Underground tank system and residential tank options. We will work with the tools your agency has available and discuss tactical options for all of it.

Practical evolution using locally supplied equipment:

We will work with the tools your agency has available on tanks and training props you provide while discussing tactical options.

One of your best tools is sitting on your shoulders, let’s put some more tools in it.