Southern Manatee Fire Department FL – Water Injection Class

Recently we were able to spend some time with the Southern Manatee Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team. We provided three days of our water injection training that included classroom presentations and practical evolutions with our custom liveleak prop. The students utilized their new 1 inch “Responder Flare” (aka The Dragon Slayer) in conjunction with their new “Water Injection Kit” to manage live liquid propane leaks. They were also provided information on how and the ability to manage an incident with a 100 lb cylinder with a compromised shell (leak prop) and conducted liquid withdrawal using a top mounted tank opening. We finished up the last day with instruction on how to purge and make safe a storage tank using water while flaring the residual tank vapors.

We appreciated the opportunity to work with these men. Their community is in good hands.

Southern Manatee Fire Department hazmat team receiving setup tips from the creator.

Dragon Slayer set up

Installing the pilot burner assemble