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A Common Misconception

“It’s hard to flare liquid propane in a tank that has been water injected.”      By: Ron Huffman, 06/05/2021 Updated 04/22/2023 Whether you’re conducting a training evolution or on an actual incident, if the propane tank has water in it, you’ll need to remove the water prior to liquid flaring operations. If you don’t, you’ll most likely… Read more »

Water Injection Kit incident water injection kit

We would like to congratulate the City of Macclenny Fire Department FL for their purchase of a Water Injection Kit.

2-inch Propane Distribution Manifold

2-inch propane distribution manafold

Congratulations to the Special Operations Branch, NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services, Office of Fire Prevention and Control on their recent purchase. We demonstrated this unit this year at the Propane Emergency Training Conference in September and shortly thereafter they had a response that it would have been beneficial. Their new 2-inch propane… Read more »

Southern Manatee Fire Department FL – Water Injection Class

Recently we were able to spend some time with the Southern Manatee Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team. We provided three days of our water injection training that included classroom presentations and practical evolutions with our custom liveleak prop. The students utilized their new 1 inch “Responder Flare” (aka The Dragon Slayer) in conjunction with their… Read more »