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Responder Training Enterprises (RTE) started providing Propane Response training in the early 90’s. The owner and lead instructor worked for 14 years in the propane industry and has over 35 years in the fire service, he has the response and service knowledge that’s practical and applicable to today’s incidents. Our “Propane Response – 101 to Advanced Tactics course has been provided across the United States. The equipment we build is used in the in automotive and propane industry for routine service and by emergency responders.  Since its inception Responder Training has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support.

Propane Specialist Response Kit Users Guide Video Links Page

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Responder Training’s Full 1-inch Propane Flare

Aptly named, “The RESPONDER PROPANE FLARE”, our flare is the first 1 inch commercially available propane flare intended for first responders and service agencies. The Responder propane flare has been created to move large volumes of propane using industry standard 1 3/4” ACME connections, 1” full flow hose, pipe and fittings. Using  full 1” components throughout, “The RESPONDER PROPANE FLARE” can flow more that 4 times the capacity of 1/2″ flares. “The RESPONDER PROPANE FLARE” and the additional connection kits allows you to switch between an assortment of cylinders, tanks and piping systems with no tools required reducing time and the potential of leaks.

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“Water Injection” kit

Our new “Water Injection” kit offers you an option that most have never even heard of. What if you could convert a liquid propane leak to water? Doing so reduces or eliminates the expanding vapor down to a safer level almost instantly allowing you to extricate trapped victims, find the leak or just manage it until the product can be burnt off. Propane weighs about half the weight of water, and like oil propane will float under the right circumstances. Click on SHOP and check out the “Emergency Water Injection” kit and give us a call if you have additional questions.

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A Common Misconception

“It’s hard to flare liquid propane in a tank that has been water injected.”      By: Ron Huffman, 06/05/2021 Updated 04/22/2023 Whether you’re conducting a training evolution or on an actual incident, if the propane tank has water in it, you’ll need to remove the water prior to liquid flaring operations. If you don’t, you’ll most likely… Read more »

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2019 IAFC Conference

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Be sure to listen, it was fun!!

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The State of NY has updated its propane response capabilities

The New York Special Operations Branch, NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services has increased their propane response capabilities by adding 3 1-inch propane flares and 3 propane water injection kits.

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