Propane Response – 101 to Advanced Tactics

The “Propane Response – 101 to Advanced Tactics” class consists of classroom instruction using on screen presentations, display props and product demonstrations. Topics of discussion include: propane properties, when to and when not to use normal tactics including rolling a tank to change what’s venting from the tank up to and including water injection, vehicle orientation, plumbing/piping systems, assortment of tank options/attachment points, valving, weight issues, pressure management, transportation options, kit components, kit application, pressure gauge verification, liquid volume and temperature control and more.

The students will participate in flaring operations and the application of a WATER INJECTION KIT building on what was learned in the classroom on an assortment of available tanks or cylinders. The students will see firsthand the limitations caused by system restrictions that limit flow, the importance of managing product levels and how temperature and pressure information is applied.  Flaring Propane with live demonstrations (live release if available) enforces the learning process and demonstrates an additional product management option. This course is designed to provide the student with the information needed to respond to, connect and manage water injection into a live propane tank and utilize flaring as a product removal option.

The Propane Response – 101 to Advanced Tactics materials are designed and intended to be used for Responder Trainings Enterprises, LLC “Propane Response – 101 to Advanced Tactics”.

Water Injection Prop Description

Emergency Water Injection Kit (EWI_Class) Adjustable$ Call $
 Course cost with the purchase of a EWIK system  

Multi-Day Discounts are available

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NOTE: If not provided locally the cost of Propane used in the water injection class will be added to the course totalMileage to and from will be added to the final course cost and is calculated at $1.50 per mile. 

All students are required to sign a Student Waiver.